Lynn Rowan Myers

...Represented since 1992


Lynn Rowan Myers’s work is unmistakable and unforgettable . Each canvas begins in bright cadmium red and each finished painting retains a little or a lot of that wonderful hot southwestern color. Influenced by California’s plein air painters and the French Fauve movement, Lynn was a genuine colorist whose brilliant landscape paintings fill a room with the hues of the Southwest.

Lynn sadly left us in January 2008. She is missed.

"The New Mexico landscape is constantly changing and has intense colors and hypnotic shapes. Nothing else has the same kick!"

Arts at Denver is the sole representative of Lynn Rowan Myers's legacy of paintings.
If you have a Lynn you wish to part with, please let us know.


All of the paintings below have been sold, but we hope you enjoy them!

"Western Hillside" (2004)

"Evening" (1998)

"Farms II" (1998)

"Taos Mountain I" (1998)



Morning Glory

Blue River
A rare Lynn still life: Lunch
Lynn's favorite valley near Taos: Arroyo Seco
Sonoma Evening

An early Lynn: Pink Sky