Mary Ann Miro

...Represented since 1998

Mary Ann is one of our Legacy Artists, she joined the gallery in 1998.

Mary Ann Miro exhibited in The 20th Annual Colorado Governor's Invitational Art Show & Sale at the Loveland Museum in Loveland, Colorado.

"This show exhibits the best Colorado has to offer in artistic excellence. Our state is proud of the creativity and beauty they give us" John Hickenlooper, Governor

I am especially drawn to the wonder of color in florals and in outdoor painting.  My goal is to capture that extraordinary blend of delicate harmony and vitality that exists in nature, and express it on canvas....Mary Ann Miro

16 x 16 " oil, framed, $ 950

Red Boat in Dubrovnik
18 x 24" oil, framed, $ 1150



Time to Reflect
18 x 24" oil, framed, $ 1175


Dappled Morning Light
16 x 20" oil, framed
$ 1250


Gently Rocking
16 x 18 " oil, framed
$ 1100

The Embrace
11 x 14 " oil, framed
$ 585

Mandarin Morning
8 x 10" oil, framed
$ 485





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Original oil paintings of the Colorado Landscape, Italy, Still Lifes, Florals