Robert MacPherson

...With Arts at Denver since 2009

Robert MacPherson enlisted in the Navy in 1966 and later received an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy. His newer oil paintings combine a love of old cities, the landscape and figures with greater abstraction.

"Upon graduation from Annapolis I was assigned to a ship stationed off the coast of Vietnam. The ship’s Chief Engineer introduced me to oil painting."

Sun Dappled Creek
12 x 16" acrylic, framed
$ 850


Nautilus with Red Ribbon
12 x 16" acrylic, framed
$ 850


Morrison Antiques

14 x 18" oil, framed
$ 1150

Wash Park Sunset


Blue Vase
12 x 16" oil, framed
$ 1150

Red Ribbons

Idaho Moonrise
12 x 18" oil, framed
$ 1100

Birthday Sunflowers
11 x 14" oil, framed
$ 900

Red Delicious and Blue




24 x 30"




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