George Downing

...Represented since 1991

George Downing was born in Hillsdale, Illinois in 1930. He moved West to Colorado in 1948 and has lived here since then. He makes his home in Silver Plume, Colorado.

He received his B. A. in mathematics from the University of Denver and his M.F.A. in ceramic arts from the University of Colorado. An individual of varied interests and talents, George taught junior high school art and mathematics in Denver for twelve years and later worked in construction. He continues to craft beautiful wood furniture, cabinets and, of course, unusual cribbage boards,

George has written the Silver Plume melodrama since 1976; his role is almost always the tall villain in the black hat. He has always loved music and frequently plays the fiddle with friends. He played folk guitar at the Exodus in Denver.

The Rattler
$ 165

My Heart
$ 125

$ 125

The Butterfly
$ 150

$ 150

Zig Zag II
$ 125

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