Mimi DeOlloqui

...New to Arts at Denver in 2010

Mimi deOlloqui was born in Virginia in 1960 and began drawing and painting at the age of four.  Introduced to the arts by her father who was an engineer, Naval Lt. & MIT graduate; Valentine V. deOlloqui was a talent in his own right. Mimi is a Denver based oil painter who also spends part of the year in West Virginia.

In our "Woof! Meow! Chirp!" show - MaxFund Fundraiser

Riding Along
16 x 20" oil, framed $ 1350

The Blue Pitcher

Monsier Le Fox

La Peche

6 x 9", framed $ 345

5 x 7 " oil, framed $ 285

Lemons and Pumpkin Seeds
12 x 16", $ 795 framed


Jane Eyre

Peachy Love

...and more to come. If you are interested in works by Mimi DeOlloqui, let us know and we will contact you when we have new work.
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