Melinda Morrison

E. Melinda Morrison is a story teller. Her stories are of diverse people and places with long histories and uncertain futures, and she tells it all in the language of oils and light and composition. Although her paintings have their foundation in the quotidian of daily events and experiences, she enhances and enlarges those slices of life and paints what she wants to see with a certain looseness and abstraction in shapes. Her colors are carefully paired with grays – never “color for color-sake,” rather color for the sake of the narrative. In her own words, she “enjoys telling the story” and revels in framing a climactic scene: “whether a humorous or an emotional moment, capturing a person in spontaneous expression is the ultimate glory for me in painting.”

was featured in the November Southwest Art Magazine article 'For the love of form'

Click to see Melinda's book, published in December 2013.


I Believe in Fairies

5 x 7 " oil on wood, painted sides- $ 500

Nude Backlit

9.5 x 10" oil, framed - $ 400

Italian Ways

10 x 10" oil, framed - $ 600

Hills of Montepulciano

8 x 8 " oil, framed - $ 400

Sister Talk

12 x 16 " oil, framed - $ 1500

Music Man

Three Musketeers

30 x 40" oil, framed - $ 6000

Spring Flowers

9 x 12" charcoal,, framed - $ 500

Open Kimono

9 x 12" charcoal,, framed - $ 500



Sticks and Stones

12 x 12 " oil, framed - $ 1200

Pantaloons and Paisley

Divas in Waiting

Plate It

Darlin' You Make Me Tingle

Dressing Up


Turkish Delight



...and more to come.
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