Nancy Haley

...New with the gallery in 2017

Nancy Haley ... Award winning impressionistic oil painter, Nancy Haley, states,"Art has always been a very important part of my life, from as far back as I can remember. My 'gift' of understanding color, balance and composition made it possible for me to meet some amazing people and build a very successful career as an entrepreneur, clothing designer and artist / oil painter." All the while Haley was building her clothing businesses, her art brought her joy and solace in her fast-paced life.
In 2009, Haley and her partner, Clint Eastwood, sold their business, Tehama, and Nancy began painting full time.   She paints all across the US and has studied in Mexico, France and Italy. 


"When I paint I get completely involved and find the experience intensely personal."   


She has studied under well known, accomplished painters, William Hook, John Poon, Lindsey Bitner Graham, Phillip Stark, Randal Sexton and Kim English.  

Vail Night Lights

18 x 24 " oil, framed $ 1800

Red Sky at Night, Skiers Delight

10 x 20 " oil, framed $ 900

Great Day

16 x20" oil, framed $ 1450


9 x 12" oil, framed $ 750

"Mare Christmas "
8x10 framed oil, $ 700

Move Along, Morocco

12 x 16" oil, framed $ 900


Open Market - Sarlat, France

18 x 24 "oil, framed $ 1800

"The Neighborhood "

18x24 oil $ 1800


Waiting for a Ride

16 x 20 " oil, framed
$ 1450


11x14 oil


"Up The Hill We Go"