Guest Artists


Visiting Artists for our Valentines Show
Michelle Torrez, Desmond O'Hagan, Nancy Haley, Will Spear & Carole Buschmann.



Michelle Torrez "Tango Flight" 12x12 framed $ 1500


Desmond O'Hagan "Blue Reflections, Paris" 12x16 $ 2500

Desmond O'Hagan "Pont Neuf , Paris" 12x16 $ 2500

Visiting Artist Carole Buschmann
"Sailing the Grand Bassin"
20 x 26", framed pastel - $ 1150

Carole Buschmann
"Do You Remember that Bistro near L'Opera? "
16 x 20", framed pastel - $ 825

Visiting Artist Nancy Haley "Coullioure"
30 x 40" oil, framed - $ 4200

Nancy Haley "Outdoor Market, Sarlat, France"
18 x 24" oil, framed - $ 1700

Nancy Haley "You and Me" (France)
12 x 16" oil, framed - $ 900

Artist Nancy Haley "Built For Two"
10x10, framed - $ 600

Carole Buschmann "Sailing the Grand Bassin"
20 x 26", framed pastel - $ 1150

Carole Buschmann
"Promenade through the Place Colette "
12 x 16 ", framed pastel - $ 535

Visiting Artists include Scott Mattlin, Michelle Torrez, Will Spear,
Emma Hardy & Michael Clark


Michelle Torrez "Under the Desert Sky"

Scott Mattlin is an artist with a deep and passionate appreciation for the beauty inthe natural world and within the human spirit. This enthusiastic and sensitive joy is refelected strongly in his art work. His work is executed in a vibrant, impressionist style, which - while still retaining its representational roots, incorporates abstract elements, resulting in a uniquely contemporary union.

High Country Christmas
Scott's contribution to our Tree of Trees!
8 x 8 oil, framed - $ 250

Soft Winter Morning
8 x 8 oil, framed - $ 275

Creekside Along the Highline
11 x 14 oil, framed - $ 975

Autumn Dressed in White
24 x 30 oil, wrapped - $ 4200

Artist Lindsey Bittner Graham
Lindsey's goal as an oil painter is to immerse the viewer into the energy and atmosphere of each painting through the use of loose, spontaneous brushwork in the completion of shapes and values throughout each painting. Lindsey allows the painting to develop and evolve beyond the original sketch enticing the viewer to observe the process. She views painting as a forever learning process, always experimenting with new color strategies, new painting tools, techniques, and new challenges. It is all about continued growth and the journey. Lindsey resides in Denver with her husband, Don, and their 2 dogs.

Introducing Will Spear

Will is a member of the Oil Painters of America,

Plein Air Artists of Colorado, the American Impressionist Society & the Outdoor Painters Society.

"By painting the vast world around us, I am able to capture the purity of these wild places. For me, painting is more about the dialogue between artist and nature. I want the viewer to consider the importance of these natural places, learn to appreciate them, and ultimately want to help preserve them."

Elements of Summer
11 x 14 oil, framed - $ 750

Sunday Afternoon
11 x 14 oil, framed - $ 700

Les Americains at the Louvre
12 x 16 oil, framed - $ 995

November Night
14 x 18 oil, framed - $ 1250

Spring Visitor
6 x 6 oil, framed - $ 345


If you are interested in these artists, let us know and we will contact you when we have new work.

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