Guest Artists

Visiting and Guest Artists

Tracy Haines ... I paint colorful, expressionistic landscapes in pastel, oil,  and acrylic.  I love the beauty of the Colorado landscape and hope to convey to the viewer the joy and happiness I feel in creating these works, which to me, are a celebration of the richness of life. 


Snow Notes
24 x 30 " acrylic, framed

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Monte Thompson ... From his studio in Denver, Colorado, Monte works in the painting tradition of Caravaggio where he creates harmony between chiaroscuro and modern concepts. Through these concepts he reinforces the intelligence that underlies all succesful human endeavors. With a bold and empassioned style, Monte creates a feeling of harmony and devotes himself to the beauty in life. His greatest inspiration derives from a recent trip to Rome and Florence, Italy.


Great and Small
12 x 16" oil, framed

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Diana Woods ... My paintings come from a place where dreams, mythical creatures, songs and folklore converge.

Looking to nature as my inspiration, my search is for the interconnectedness between all living creatures, discovering the inherent radiance within these relationships.

This body of work is the continuation of an ongoing theme centered on our spiritual connection to nature. My new works address imagery of natural transformation and evolution, loss and the passage of time. These whimsical yet sophisticated depictions of the animal kingdom create a dream-space, a realm characterized by imagination & mystery. Each piece is a pilgrimage to an unknown land ~

"Evening on the Lake "
12x12 mixed media on board, $ 600

"Elephant Dreams"
12x12 mixed media on board, $ 600

"Running Deer"
12x12 mixed media on board, $ 600

"Runaway Racehorse"
12x12 mixed media on board, $ 600

Nancy Haley ... Award winning impressionistic oil painter, Nancy Haley, states,"Art has always been a very important part of my life, from as far back as I can remember. My 'gift' of understanding color, balance and composition made it possible for me to meet some amazing people and build a very successful career as an entrepreneur, clothing designer and artist / oil painter." All the while Haley was building her clothing businesses, her art brought her joy and solace in her fast-paced life.
In 2009, Haley and her partner, Clint Eastwood, sold their business, Tehama, and Nancy began painting full time.   She paints all across the US and has studied in Mexico, France and Italy. 


"When I paint I get completely involved and find the experience intensely personal."   


She has studied under well known, accomplished painters, William Hook, John Poon, Lindsey Bitner Graham, Phillip Stark, Randal Sexton and Kim English.  

Nancy Haley "Ponder"
9x12 framed oil, $ 500

Nancy Haley "Beauty Blue "
8x10 framed oil, $ 500

Nancy Haley "Covered Bridge, Vail "
8x10 framed oil, $ 700

Nancy Haley "Everlasting"
8x10 framed oil, $ 400

Nancy Haley "Up The Hill We Go "
8x10 framed oil, $ 700

Nancy Haley "Mare Christmas "
8x10 framed oil, $ 700

Nancy Haley "Pumpkins for Sale"
24x30 framed oil, $ 3200

Nancy Haley "Bloom" 8x10 framed oil $ 450

Nancy Haley 11x14 oil $ 1100

Nancy Haley "The Neighborhood " 18x24 oil $ 1800

Nancy Haley "Fruit Stand" 11x14 oil $ 900


Michelle Torrez

"Tango Flight" 12x12 framed $ 1500

"Under the Desert Sky"


Artist Lindsey Bittner Graham
Lindsey's goal as an oil painter is to immerse the viewer into the energy and atmosphere of each painting through the use of loose, spontaneous brushwork in the completion of shapes and values throughout each painting. Lindsey allows the painting to develop and evolve beyond the original sketch enticing the viewer to observe the process. She views painting as a forever learning process, always experimenting with new color strategies, new painting tools, techniques, and new challenges. It is all about continued growth and the journey. Lindsey resides in Denver with her husband, Don, and their 2 dogs.

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