Jay Breese


" Deeply inspired by the scenery of his home state, Jay has been painting the landscapes of Colorado for many years. Painting on location enables him to capture the unique mood and atmosphere of each site. "


Jay Breese is a representational artist, painting in watercolor, oils, and pastels. His paintings express his passion for the beauty of the landscapes, vistas, and wildlife of Colorado and the Mountain West.



Painting often plein air, Jay begins most of his paintings on scene. While plein air painting is more difficult, he enjoys the excitement and adventure that changing scenes and sudden weather disturbances can bring and Jay feels it helps him to better translate the atmosphere of each setting. Each painting has a story, he says, whether it’s the wind and rain that came up quickly or the doe and fawn that wandered nearly silently into the scene. He endeavors to tell the story of each painting. Jay loves it when people recognize the site in his paintings and he hopes you will feel the spirit of each place as you are inspired, as he is, by its beauty.


Painting for more than fifty years, Jay studied art with many renowned and some not yet well-known artists. He is a member of numerous arts organizations, including the Colorado Jewish Artists’ Guild and is a signature member of the Colorado Watercolor Society.


Recent Selected Juried Art Shows

Colorado Watercolor Society 2010 State Show, Denver, CO

Denver Plein Air Festival 2009, Denver, CO

Estes Park Plein Air Invitational - Painting the Park 2009, Estes Park, CO

Western Federation of Watercolor Societies (WFWS) 2007 Show, Arvada, CO

Colorado Watercolor Society 2007 State Show, Arvada, CO

Estes Park Plein Air Invitational - Painting the Park 2008, 2007, Estes Park, CO

Vail Arts Festival 2006, Vail, CO

Colorado Watercolor Society State Show 2006, Denver, CO

Estes Park Plein Air Invitational - Painting the Park 2006, Estes Park, CO



Professional Memberships

Colorado Watercolor Society, Signature Member Cultural Arts Council of Estes Park, Estes Park, Colorado

Art Students League of Denver, Denver, Colorado

Mizel Museum Artist Alliance, Denver, Colorado


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