Beverly Endsley


Born in Houston, Texas , Beverly Endsley has used the time she has spent living in the east, Austin, Tx., Santa Fe and Colorado to explore differing styles of art.  She has studied with such masters as Quang Ho, David Leffel, Joshua Fallik, Kevin Weckbach, Sherri McGraw and numerous other artists to pursue her love of oils, watercolors and sketching.

A successful Interior Designer with her own company for over 20 years, Beverly now pursues her lifelong passion for creating fine art.  Beverly lives in Evergreen, Colorado with her husband, 10 house rabbits and 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs. 


Southwest Art Magazine visited Beverly Endsley in her studio in the February 2012 issue.

Monk's Cat
9 x 12 oil, framed - $ 900

I Think You Dropped Something
9 x 9 oil, framed - $ 650

9 x 9 oil, framed - $ 650

12 x 16 oil, framed - $ 1200

Hump Day in Petra
9 x 12 oil, framed - $ 900


Strolling in Saint Germain-des-Pres
11 x 14 oil, framed - $ 750

Blue Door Cafe, Paris

16 x 20 " oil, framed - $ 1575

bunny rabbit in snow oil painting

Winter Whites
9 x 12 oil, framed - $ 650

Could Santa Be Near
Bev's Christmas Tree!
8 x 10 oil, framed - $ 525

Blue Bunny Buddies
9 x 12 oil, framed - $ 650

Bunny Love
8 x 10 oil, framed - $ 525

Love in Black and White
8 x 10 oil, framed - $ 525

Cheetah, Hluhline, South Africa
9 x 12 oil, framed - $ 650

Dog Daze of Summer
14 x 18" oil, framed - $ 1350

"Bulldog II "
14 x 18" oil, $ 1260 framed

Savoring the Moment
11 x 14" oil, framed - $ 750



Pet Portraits and Wildlife Painting - Commissions welcome

"I have always been fascinated by portraying animals and how we relate to them, both on a visual and emotional level."

Bev specializes in old world style portraits of pets and animal companions.  She and her husband Kerry care for, and are owned by, an ever-changing number of companion and special needs bunnies.  Often, these rabbits make their way into a special portrait. Their two large Bernese Mountain Dogs, Meadow and Summit, help care for the bunnies and  are also portrayed on a regular basis.  Bev works closely with the Colorado House Rabbit Society and the Evergreen Animal Protective League.

If you would like to commission a portrait of your own best friend, please inquire...

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