Cliff Austin

...with Arts at Denver since 2015


"The subject is light and contrast. The fascination is in the way light pours, splashes, and wraps around everything we see and contrasts the everyday with the extraordinary."

After what I considered two incredible years, I graduated from the Rocky Mountain School of Art in 1980. My love of drawing began in 1976, as I studied Technical Illustration at The Denver Institute of Technology. I quickly found out this type of drawing was not enough to satisfy my love of drawing, and after working as a patent draftsman/illustrator/office manager in a small drafting shop… I wanted more. My employer casually remarked, “go to art school” and the path to being an artist was forged.

Murmur of Leaves

24x30 oil, framed $ 1200

Warm Walk

12x16 oil, framed $ 850

Catch the Light

30x40 oil, framed $ 1450

First Snow

18x24 oil, framed $ 850

Barnyard Christmas

6x8 oil, framed $ 125


24x30 oil, framed $ 1200

Raining Gold

24x30 oil, framed $ 975


Shadow Catcher

18x24 oil, framed $ 850

Ponder Seat

18x24 oil, framed $ 850

Canyon Shade

24x36 oil, framed $ 1225

Lovers Lane

12x16 oil, framed $ 800


18x24 oil, framed $ 850

Willow Rainbow

18x24 oil, framed $ 850

Sparkle Path

16x20 oil, framed $ 800


12x12 oil, framed $ 600


8x8 oil, framed $ 150

It's Freezing

8x8 oil, framed $ 150

Slippery Hike

16x20 oil, framed

January Sun

12x12 oil, framed $ 600

Here Comes the Sun

24x30 oil, framed

Aspen Fire

8x8 oil, framed $ 145

Golden Gate

8x8 oil, framed $ 145

Room to Cast

8x8 oil, framed $ 145

Cast A Long Shadow

24x36 oil, framed $ 1550

Hope on the Horizon

24x36 oil, framed $ 985

A Russet Wash

16x20 oil, framed $ 650

Snow Shuffle

11x14 oil, framed $ 450